Wednesday, January 11, 2012

In the morning

Each day I wake up at 5:30.
When I think about that it seems like a really dumb thing to do.
Who in the world wants to get up that early?
But, now that my children are a little bigger, and I am nursing them
or comforting the in the night...I can sleep {some} nights
all night long.
So my motivation for getting up before
dawn even cracks is to have time to myself.
I get up and surf the internet, and drink coffee, and then I run
on the treadmill, while I watch some shows on PBS--there are three that come
on in rotation.
It is so relaxing to exercise and watch these shows.
One is The Desert Speaks (all about deserts), another is the Burt Wolf show, and he
goes all around travelling, and the other is Joseph Rosendo.
I travel all around every morning.  I like Joseph Rosendo, he is a sweet, nerdy guy.
--or at least he seems to be--
I do not watch any morning shows, as I think they all suck, and so do the commercials
that come on in 5 minute segments for every 7 minutes of programming.
Then, after a workout, my children wake up and I start to take care of them
feed them etc.
So, before I start working at 8:00--I have already had a lot going on.
But really, that is the part of my day that energizes me!

Now...if I could just figure out the part from 3:45 until 7:00...

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olga said...

When do you go to sleep?