Monday, January 9, 2012


Andy and I went to Juliana's funeral yesterday afternoon.
The funeral was at 2:00.  Here if a wedding or funeral starts at 2:00--you get there at 1:30.
People mostly start things on time.
I do not know what I was expecting--as honestly I have been floored by Juliana's death, but
this service was absolutely beautiful!
The first five rows of seats were filled with people from around the country, whose homeland
is Zimbabwe.
These were Juliana's and Patrick's home away from home friends.
We said the 23rd Psalm in English, and they echoed in the language of Zimbabwe (a word that
I cannot say b/c the phonemes do not even really register in my brain).  The language is called
Shona, and it is spoken by many people--9 million or so, in Zimbabwe.  (Thanks Go00gle and WIk1)

We all shared two hours of time honoring Juliana and what a beautiful person she
Two hours.
When it was over, I wanted to rewind it all and watch it again.
We had the opportunity to listen to songs sung by all of her friends
and family in the language of Zimbabwe.
Her dear, best friend read a poem to her and for us.
Here is a link to read the poem, She is gone
Her mother-in-law, and her husband spoke to us.

It was so very touching!
She really was a special person.

Now, they will travel to Zimbabwe to bury Juliana.


Bethany said...

That sounds very special. What a tribute to someone so young.

Anonymous said...

wow, how old was she? Thanks for sharing and sorry again about your friend!