Monday, January 23, 2012

My Town Monday

 Right in the middle of town...the river is little it is in big ditches.  This is behind the dry cleaners, the building in the background is a seafood market--where the dry cleaners used to be..hmm.hmm..yeah, we don't go to that one. :)
 This is a creek--right beside the river--Jack's creek, it has been dammed up and the ducks and geese love it.--See how all the trash gets backed up here?  In the summer time this entire creek gets covered over with green goop!  I am not sure if they skim it off eventually, or if it goes away on its own with the tides etc.
 Then, here is my visitor's scene taken by my own camera.  Over in the trees sticking out is the prettiest neighborhood in our town, to me--Washington Park...I will take some pictures there too...see how wide the river is there?  When the sun is sparkling on it --it is beautiful!
This is the pier that is at the park--from that same parking lot....
It was cloudy here today.

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Bethany said...

:) That green {former} Cleaners is where I worked for my uncle, at age 14. Shivers! I got out before the chemicals got me. Oh, our river!! It is a beautiful, for sure.