Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Something {fun} to try!

I have been looking at BB creams--a new make-up/skin care trend for a while.
I have been shopping/browsing online.
Clinique has one, so I went to Belk (shop locally) to get some--or at least try a sample.
Well, the Clinique counter did not have any yet, but Estee Lauder did.
You put it on before your powder.
It has moisturizer, SPF, and anti-aging.
Very cool.
It is a cream with a bit of tint in it, and there are only two shades right now.
For my pink/red undertones I needed the shade number one.
This is the coolest idea..and very {fun} to me.
Can make-up be fun...well, yes.  When I buy something that makes me happy when I 
get to put it on my face in the AM before a long day of work... I think that is very worth it.
You know, too, when you buy from Clinique or Estee Lauder counters--if 
you don't like the stuff, you just take it back--so really no harm in trying it.

They did not pay me to write this...but man I wish they would! :)

What an easy way to {be happy} in 2012-go get you some! :)

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Bethany said...

I like good face creams too - this will be next to try when I run out. I need a little tint, I am aspirin color in the winter...