Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ear update...

So, yes.
I have to update!
I am on day five of steroids and my hearing has improved!
It is very interesting.
When you check the hearing you consider two factors...
The pitch of the sound (frequency--measured in Herz)
Then, the sound level that the person can hear at any given
frequency--the dB-or decibel level.

So when my hearing was out last week--I was fine until 2000 hz.
At that frequency I could not hear until the sound level was at 45 dB.
Now my threshold--the lowest sound you need to really be able to hear--
is back at 20--for that frequency.

Now, at 4,000 hz it was terrible--my old threshold was at 65 dB
Now, it is down to 40.

I am thinking this is good.

I noticed after one day of steroids that my ear felt less...
I am not sure--it just felt different.
Then I began to notice that when it was ringing--
it was ringing at a lower frequency.

So there...I have six days of steroids left...
Then an MRI--I am thinking they still want to double
check and make sure there is nothing weird
on my auditory nerve or in my cochlea! :)


Bethany said...

Oh! That IS good news! Whew... I was worried for you. I mean, if you missed out on hearing the whiny pitch of kids voices, well... but normal life? No way! :-)

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

Thank goodness it is coming back. I have been worried about you!