Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mama! Mama!

We need the camera!!
We found a bird's nest!!
I am not sure where in the yard this little cutie is...
I am sure it is old..not time for new nests yet, but I just loved the excitement in their voices when they
came in to tell me that they wanted to go and take this picture.
Of course, I let them take the camera outside and take the picture.

When I had Elena someone told me, Always remember, "Every age is the best age."
That way you will not pine away over some lost aspect of your children growing up.
They are so fun to watch all along.
I am loving their technological sophistication.
They want I-pods, they work my camera, they play on Starfall...

I think that advice was the best piece I ever got.

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Laura Smith said...

Oh Susan...thanks for sharing that advice! I have been "pining" away about how fast my babies are growing a lot this week. I wish I could bottle up their sweet little selves! I can remember Morgan telling me something similar when Tyson was 3 weeks old and I did not want him to change....and she was right. I have just loved every single age with him.I guess because Juel is my last baby (so I think) I feel like its just flying away. I am glad to hear that all the ages are fun!