Saturday, January 28, 2012

So long...


Something bad is going down here this weekend.
The Blockbuster is CLOSING!!!
This is really bad.
I like to go into the movie store and browse.
I LOVE to go into the movie store and get 99Cent family movies for my children to watch.

Now...all we have is the red box --all over town.
I know, I know--welcome to the second decade of the 2,000sands...
BUT--This is just sad to me.
Now, that is going to be an empty building.
The guy who worked in there was THE PERFECT MOVIE STORE GUY.
He always cracked corny jokes etc.
Now he says he is, "leaving the company."

So. Sad.

Yes.  I am fully aware that the way to get a movie these days is to
order it piped from Netflix or wherever directly into your t.v.--I have
even seen this done!
But that is just not the same to me...
I guess I had better get on finding out how to do it. :)
I think that might involve buying some machine--
wii?  x-box?? something...
or, I can just go to redbox--like everyone else..

So long B-buster! We will miss you!!

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Bethany said...

welcome to 2012, you will now be assimilated. :) I know! Our Bbuster closed 2 years ago, so we had to become netflix regulars. we have a wii that we used to stream thru, now we just get the dvds in the mail. It takes planning though to have them come the right time for kids movie or grown up movie... whew. good luck... ;-)