Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What happened??

Let's see...
I am thinking that a regular Monday post is just something I set
up for myself to rebel against...
Isn't that so funny?
It is a {great} idea...
BUT--I am not feeling the inspiration at the time
I need to feel it in order to make the post happen.

For example, yesterday I took my camera with me.
I was going to take a couple pictures..
and the...nope!
Didn't do it..
Talked myself right out of it..

If you know me, you know that I have ideas...
They are all flowing and bouncing around in my head right now.
BUT--to take the camera, and take the pictures, and then post too...
It just does not all line up for some reason.

I am going to make a list of my ideas here...then you can be on the lookout for
the post...
*The {not so secret} garden/contrasted with a more {traditional} one.
**Fall aparty little houses--contrasted with some of the biggies and grandies...
*I already did big, beautiful river--compared to the creeky part--and I was not too pleased with the result of that attempt to let you see how it really looks...I might keep trying.
**Places to buy seafood--this is a fun one
*A story that someone told at Juliana's funeral about people here

So see, that is four weeks of Mondays--I missed this one...so I will not post my garden post on
a different day.   I will stick to Monday--no reason...just b/c I started out that way. :)

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