Tuesday, January 31, 2012

No guilt

So... just posting that this A.M. led me to my photo opportunity...just across the street from my school.
But since I am a rules girl..you will have to wait to see the my town pictures.
It did lead to an exciting interaction with a cute little lady. :)
She did wonder, of course, why I was stopping, and standing in the middle of the road to take
pictures of her neighbor's yard...{of course}.
I told her and we talked a bit.

Then it was off to my Mama's house to pick up my home-made veggie soup and sausage biscuits.
She cooks for us, y'all.
She does this all the time...and
My only true worry is that I will forget how to cook.
We don't cook with recipes...it is a common sense thing..you cook, say a roast, or
a chicken..and some stuff to go with it..just cooking..pots, peas, rice etc.
No recipes.
I used to be able to...I am really out of practice.
Do I feel guilty?...sometimes.
My children are not watching me cook, like I did my Mama...
but then...NO!
I let it go!
We have healthy, yummy food--we know Grandmama made it...and

Then I got home and my house was spotless...b/c thanks to another
I have had someone coming to clean every other week...and
let's just say..the weeks fly by!!
It is absolutely worth every freaking penny to come home and have one's home
looking like a hotel room.
EVERY Penny!!
You see, if you have a Type A personality...and you want things to be straight and clean
then having to be around dirtiness--it is maddening.
If you do not have this Type A thing..then God Bless you!
But type A cannot be helped.
Having a dirty house makes me ill.
For a long time I really struggled with paying someone to wipe pee of the toilets...
But then...in a moment of weakness I caved..and
man I am glad I did.
When both adults work full time, it is really unreasonable to think that
the house will get cleaned up, and stay clean.
We do not spend our time {off} cleaning...
Or, really--I would try to, and then have VBIs all the time.

So, this day was made do-able by the fact that supper was cooked.
Sheets were washed and changed.
Floors were swept and mopped.
Bathrooms were scrubbed.
And I did none of it!
What DID I do?
Speech therapy with 22 children, take Elena for her allergy shots,
Read to my children and dip their plates, brush their teeth, tuck them in , go to a meeting,
Oh, and I also had to wash the rugs and towels etc. and fold them up, and
put some fresh ones in there...some reason Elena does not do this...I am not sure why.
Also, I have to remake the bottoms of the beds with hospital corners..which I guess
she does not know how to do..b/c if one knows how to do the hospital
corner...there is no substitute..

Okay--good night! I am off to comfy clean sheets. :)--guilt free!

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Bethany said...

this post is full of awesomeness!! i am happy for you, that you've got those helpers - and no guilt... {jealous} - i need homecooked meals to pick up! I'm not a common sense cooker, it is not natural to me - and many days I wish I could call aunt ophelia and get family recipes, b/c i miss my grandmother's cooking! (my mom does not cook like that) It skips around, that good-cook gene. :)