Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A yummy salad

Here it is:

Arugula --or if you don't like that kind, green leaf lettuce
Pistachio nuts
Goat cheese

Olive oil
lemon juice
kosher salt
a bit of minced garlic

Y'all this is the yummiest thing ever.

I saw some version of this recipe in a magazine yesterday when I took Elena
for her allergy shot.  I memorized the recipe--the best I could.
Last night after a meeting I could not resist--I went to Food Lion and bought
fresh beets--a first--
I bought pistachio nuts in a jar already shelled--9.00...{pricey}.
This AM---I put the beets in the oven while I got ready and they cooked until soft.
Then I put them in cold water, the peelings came off all by themselves
and I diced the beets--so they would be ready this afternoon.

This afternoon all I had to do was whip out the beets--
Make the dressing--which had a bit of beet juice in it, so it was pink (hello Valentine's day recipe)
Then I cut up an orange, and put all the salad ingredients together.
I chose green leaf lettuce b/c really, arugula--it is just too bitter for my taste buds..
I don't like for my lettuce bites to make me wince.

I am just saying--this is a WONDERFUL SALAD--and it is also
I took pictures {of course} but they are in the camera and the battery is charging right now.

Beets are beautiful!
Also, they have a good dirt taste that I crave sometimes--like a raw peanut has...
sort of --well, like dirt..


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Bethany said...

That does sound delish! And pretty...