Thursday, February 2, 2012

MRI {news}

So, this morning my father in law went with me to the Dr.'s appt.
He is a Dr.
He was also available to go with me--Andy had to work.
In this situation, I thought it might be really ideal to have another set
of ears listening when the ENT doc. was telling me the
what's up.
There is nothing growing in my head!! :)
This means that the sudden loss of hearing that I experienced was a medical mystery.
This really does happen to people--and no one knows why.
So, I was just really glad about this--namely b/c I really
did not want there to be anything growing in there on my auditory nerve
or anywhere else for that matter! :)

Okay-- I am off to read kiddie books to kids--and have them read to me.

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Bethany said...

Excelente!!!! That is fantastic news. Hope you got a fro-yo to celebrate!