Thursday, February 2, 2012

A breakfast conversation

Yesterday morning Victor came out of the dining room into the kitchen and said:
"Mama?  Don't our brains tell us everything to do, isn't our brain what does our thinking?
Mama? Right, Mama?"
I said, "Yes. Victor, that is right, our brain is what tells our bodies what to do, our brain
is what we think with, it is what we use for thinking..."
Then he said, "Well, Mama, can you please go and tell Elena that, because she keeps saying that
our heart is what tells us what to do, and we think with our hearts..., so can you please go
and tell her...???"

These things...that children say!!
So, of know I had to correct myself---and my son...
"Well, you know, Elena is right too, and our hearts actually do think a lot
and help us make Elena is right too."

He didn't say anything back--he was probably off to his next something to do. :)


Bethany said...

Hey, there's an ad right there - for Strayer Univ. You must have smart posts and readers! :) This is sweet... and very confusing to little people, that heart-can-think thing!

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

Love it! And the ads on your blog aren't bothering me at will have to let me know how much change you earn for them!!!! s