Thursday, February 9, 2012


Well, anything and everything that
has to do with the five senses.
Yep!  Eva is the family announcer.
"Mommy ur bref stinksssss."  (Eva does not have a lisp, and /l/ and /s/ are her favorite sounds to really enunciate.
"Dicter (victor) pooted.  OOOHHH Dicter ur stinky ur need a baf."
"Elena burped, ha ha ha, elena burped, Mommy."
"Daddy pooted, uuuu , ur butt stinks daddy, you pooted daddy ha ha ha ha!!"
"Mommy you feel soft, ur pretty mommy."
"I don't like dat hamburger, it is bery stinky, Mommy, it stinks, I not like it."
"Spot pooted, he needs a baf, mommy, he stinky."

She is very observant, and she also announces everything...don't even think you are
going to sneak anything by her...nope!  She is particularly keen on announcing bodily functions, and she is particularly turned off by she won't be ur friend for a while if you are making noises, or if you are stinky...

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Bethany said...

Cute!! I love The Announcer! That is funny - and the "ur" - Phoenix says that too. We all copy him, and he doesn't know it {yet}.