Thursday, February 9, 2012

80's flashback

To me fashion designers take the easy way out when they
re-visit an older decade and just re-do what was happening then.
The fashions deciders of the world have been trying to
bring back the 80's looks for about five years now it seems like to me....
But finally it is like there is a {BLAST} of 80's style, and the
copying is so obvious it is like someone opened a trunk of clothes I wore
in the fifth grade!!
Here is a pair of pants I have seen on my internet shopping trips
two times lately...these just keep popping out at me!!
They are not popping out at me b/c I want them...
Oh no!  People with Beyoncee{esque} legs like mine generally do not adorn
them with gigantic blooms, nor do we wrap them in day glo yellow denim...
But I will say --I had a pair of jean shorts from CATO when I was in the fifth grade--there looked
almost exactly like this pair of pants!!! no kidding.  That was 1989.
So there.
Right now it seems like the trend makers are a bit confused...they also love to squeeze in 70's looks, and have been for a while now.... are the 70's gone {again}?  Oh.  No.  They are not, b/c I have seen the flare leg (bell bottom) jeans with the high waist on many jeans web sites....
Those are a direct contrast to the jegging, or the skinny bottom tight rolled jeans of the 80's
maybe they are trying to tell us to just go ahead and wear what we like.
I am a fan of many styles of jeans--as long as my entire rear fits in the rear compartment, and they are not what I call {ass} pants--b/c they were designed by and A$$. :)

The ones up there are from Citizens of Humanity.  This is a brand of pants that I generally cannot and do not afford, but I have friend who do, and occasionally I shop with them, also they are from my favorite store--and website to shop on...

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Bethany said...

haha holy ad, susan! there's one for rick santorum up there now! :)
hey, i had the same jean shorts from cato... and i am SO not falling for the 80's look again. i don't think. though, i do have an off-the-shoulder shirt that i wear a tank under. uh-oh.