Monday, February 6, 2012

Right this minute...{updated}

I am on the phone in a town hall meeting with Rep. Walter B. Jones.
He is from Farmville, NC
He is my representative, I reckon...
This is very interesting.

He does not seem like a {bad guy} on the phone.
As a matter of fact, we probably agree on most things...

I am noticing that they are predominately asking men to ask questions...
and I am wondering if they can hear me eating in the phone.

Let's see what else this guy has to say.

I liked what he said about oil drilling...
Very {smooth} answer politically...
He said, "The states need to decide about
any kind of oil exploration within their states."
To me..this do not want to drill off of OUR beaches..
b/c, to be honest, I really do not think we should...
I  think he agrees with me, b/c he did not agree with the
{question} asker--who stated, "Don't you think we ought to
just drill, frack, frick, and drill and drill some more here and there and
everywhere....Don't you think we should do that/??"
From what I could tell...he said, "no."
He said it in a politically astute way.

Then I listened more..
I listened for about 40 minutes total.
It was interesting ---
He is very all about the border with Mexico, and making sure people do not cross it
without the proper paperwork.
He also told someone he has a number they can call, and have
someone deported???
Has anyone else heard of this?? sounds a bit...Oh, I don't know..
like the {inquisition} to me...
oohh... I am gonna call that number on you!!
People are still thinking that all the Mexicans are coming here and taking our jobs..
I happen to be reading a book on that very topic right now...
so, you know, I feel like an expert and all. ;).

Finally Andy said to me, "are you still listening to that, Susan?? Hang up!"
You see, he had just gotten off work, and the kiddies were still running around the house.
Soooooo I had to hang up and help out my tired hubby!
Goodnight Mr. Congressman.

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