Monday, February 6, 2012

My Town Monday {gardens}

When I go to work/school from my Mama and Daddy's house, or when I leave work and go to my Mama's, this house is on the way.  Right across from the school there is a large section of {projects} or low income gov't housing, and they have been there for a long time.  One might even call it an established neighborhood, if these ever went up for sale.  They are well-maintained, and really don't look bad.  One little lady in this neighborhood takes her yard work very seriously, as you can see!
She has so many plastic flowers out there--it looks like a fairy wonderland!!
When I pulled up to take these pictures the girls were in the backseat oooohing and aaaahing and telling how beautiful it was, and then the neighbor came out and told me--"oh yes, that is Ms. Sarah's yard, she really takes that work seriously, she loves her yard, and works so hard in it...if only she could get some grass to grow!"  :)--this made me smile all over.
See the little fences, and the white, plastic geese?  Her lot is a corner lot--so she lots of room to work...
and she takes it all!
We talked a bit more about the grass, and the reason it won't grow is b/c of all of those giant trees! yay trees!  I bet Ms. Sara appreciates that shade too, lest her plastic flowers fade too fast, and have to be replaced constantly.
As I drove away I was just picturing a little old lady at the dollar general, and the dollar tree picking through the plastic flowers admiring them, and planning where to put them in her yard!
Isn't it beautiful!

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Bethany said...

This is just adorable. :) I know right where you're talking about, and she is working it out with all of that. Adding some cheer! And kids have no qualms about loving {fake} flowers... we have 1 house nearby that puts them in2nd story windowboxes, and my kids think they are fab!