Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super {what?}

I am not even watching that thing...
We had a whole {lazy} Sunday of eating...lazing, we did some
crafts, and watched Tangled together.
Now, we= Me, Elena, Victor, and Eva--oh, and Spot--Andy
had to work.

He is home now, and I think he is watching it.
Madonna for half time...
I hope she covers up those chicken legs of hers...the
last time I saw her dancing around in a leotard and leg warmers,
I just felt sorry for her,
1.  That she does not realize that she looks geriatric, and
2.  that she has no {friends} who will tell her she should really go with
yoga pants at this point...
Fine to dance--but those gams...look like Gram's.

Now, I will go and read a book...
See?  I really could not care less about the

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