Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I like...

Oysters...and Barbeque, and pickles, and steak cooked medium rare, and olives...and raw veggies...
This is Elena by the way..who likes --well, what she likes and sometimes it amazes me.  She also likes egg rolls and egg drop soup..and well the list goes on...mostly topped by BUTTER!!
That is Eva's matted hair there.  :)  We had just bathed and her hair had not been {attacked} combed yet.
But this past Saturday night we all had oysters, and I will say that Elena wanted every one I would give her.
Since becoming a nurse, Andy is extra careful about cooking oysters and we grilled these and then steamed them...I hope all the sh*t germs were cooked away, but I will say they were DELICIOUS!  They are the filters of the sea, you know.. of course you do!  Despite the fact that I tell Elena this, she still loves them, and dip one in butter...she will claim it! :)   She will NOT eat MC --{anything}
Victor and Eva...not so much.
What I do find perplexing is that not one child of mine will eat Macaroni and cheese, or Chef Boyardee...
I do not spend much time making those {and begging} anymore, or wondering...i just grab a jar of olives...and chill out! :)

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