Monday, February 13, 2012

My Town Monday {Jardines parte dos}

So these are pictures of {another} garden.
This one is at a very fancy house...wrought iron fence--
They have a gardener--I have seen him...
The pictures do not do this place justice--The picture in the middle--I tried to zoom in a bit
b/c in the backyard there are fountains..and all kinds of beautiful plants.
And I got a good shot of the palm tree--don't know when those started growing here...
but apparently sometime in the years we were {gone from here} it became a big trend to plant these, and they live--Maybe thanks to {global warming}?? 
Anyway, there is a world of difference b/t this and the plastic garden from last week, but they are both 
certainly beautiful. :)
I bet the lady who does her own {enjoys} hers more....
I think I do too, and her neighbor even came out to {speak}. :)
Today I did not get shots of the backyard b/c I was too tired to walk around the corner...I just 
sort of did a drive by photo sesh...

Okay--I am off to visit with Andy for a bit...
Happy Monday..
Happy Valentine's day tomorrow!

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Bethany said...

Oh, that is beautiful... wow. Yep, heard from my mom about certain kind of palms that can survive in NC. She has 3, cause she is all into that tropical craze... :) hA! You have to protect them when the temps get really low, but otherwise they can live. cool! Happy {heart} day! XO!