Saturday, February 11, 2012

Big days {update!} :)

Tomorrow will be a BIG day for us.
We are cooking 500 chicken plates... yes. 500 of them, all to benefit a beloved family.
When I say we I mean the circle at church..the one that I am the {leader} of.
Now...I know I just ended a sentence with a preposition, and yes it bothers me...but it
is the truth.
I am the leader of a circle at church.
The chicken dinner was not my idea...I do not think {big}.
My idea was to do a donation or something to remember our friend Juliana each month for
13 months of grieving..but
one of my fellow circle members is a big thinker.
She said to me, "why don't we do a benefit dinner...??? we could raise lots of money to help
{this family}."
I am nothing if not {brutally honest}.
I said "ughh..okay..we could do this, but I have to warn you, I do not do
well on the grand scale.."
Luckily...she said..with all her guts, "I do."
I agreed we should and now we are...
Well, tomorrow we will be dishing up 500 chicken plates!! here we go!
The plates will have a sweet potato, a roll, some seasoned green beans, and
a quarter of a chicken--barbequed to yummy perfection!
I am not even nervous.
The chicken that the men at church make is the yummiest!!
All 500 plates are sold....

Go us!
Go us?
Go us!

Go Patrick and children and grandmas...

We did it!!
We all worked and worked, and cooked and waited and dipped...and smiled and handed out plates
and in the end we did something, together, that will mean so much to this grieving family.  All the comments that I heard were very positive--most people commented on how well planned the whole thing was.
There was a little confusion with tickets and making sure we had enough food. ...that was a bit hard.

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Bethany said...

Hope it went so very well today!!!! That is really thinking BIG, and what an awesome show of support for Julianna's family... Way to go {Leader} !!