Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Stay tuned....

The computer (one and only) that Andy and I bought when Elena was a newborn..well, it is not wanting to work right now.
Now, I am a firm believer in sweet talking machines--my work buddy and I sweet talk the copier all the time...but I think my computer is just really needing something more than talk--like a professional.
Maybe the professional will know just the right thing to say, or do...
I knew a computer fixer one time, and he told me that sometimes when he did not know what to do..he really did talk to the machines--and IT WORKED!--I wonder if he said nice things, or mean things???
At my work--we think being nice to our copier will work better.
We would never utter the words "old dinosaur" copier--outloud when we are near the copier....oh no! might hurt its feelings...
get it?
Okay--so, talking to my beloved blogging facilitator has not worked.
Andy might get to it one day...until then..
well, no blogging, no facebook (I think that is a good thing), and no reading email--except at work.
I do miss blogging.
Facebook--might be on a permanent hiatus (oxymoron?).
Hotmail--no biggie--I get that at work.

One thing that concerns me is that Andy and I might be stuck in an old-timey bog...like
almost becoming Amish...
no cell buddies...no working computers...

Going out to get the paper first thing in the AM--has been nice, I must say. :)


Bethany said...

Talk to that machine, baby! Talk sweet! I need you to be online... :)

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

Please talk nice to that computer, I have been missing your blogs! I always check each morning to see if you have updated, it always makes me happy to see a new post! I miss you friend!