Friday, February 24, 2012

A new fascination

Okay, since the beginning of my least favorite month, I have adopted a new habit.
Each day when I come home from school I lay down and I rest.
Sometimes I might even drift off to sleep...aaahhhh...
I am exhausted after working all day long, and this feels really nice--now,
this is not something one can do if you
1. have teeny babies
2. have mischievous children who will tear the house apart.

So while I am napping I watch Dr. Oz out of the corner of my eye.
At the beginning of the show I watch with all of my attention and get all
excited about the segments coming up.
No. Change that, at the beginning of the show I am begging Victor
to please not watch Arthur, and to let me watch Dr. Oz. :)
Then I switch it over and begin about 45 minutes of being very interested.
For one thing....Dr. Oz is not too bad to look at.
I just think he is a cutie pie! :)  (Old{er} man crush).
And for another, he is on a mission!
It is fun to watch all of his ideas.
Now, I usually am, Dr. Oz, if
one were to take all of these pills and vitamins, one would be
taking a bucket load...
BUT--I guess the viewer can go online, to the Dr. Oz website and
then look into the segments a bit more--like the
recipes, and then try stuff!
So--I watch attentively for about 15 or 20 minutes and then
Dr. Oz tends to kind of fizzle out...and out I go, to tired mama
land. :)
Then at the end I wake up just in time for the summary, and to see a couple
of the segments, and then I go online and look the stuff up. :)

Yay Dr. Oz!!
Yay naps!

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Bethany said...

Love Dr. Oz! I try to take whatever vitamins he suggests, for at least a {short} time... and eat all the right berries, but I draw the line at his spinach smoothie. What makes him so cute?! The ladies there crack me up, when they get to hug him & are all giddy...