Tuesday, March 20, 2012

{Almost} too strange to be true...

Okay here is my strange story of the day:
This morning, I was out doing the {parking lot duty} --babysitting adults and waving and smiling
sometimes through a grimace...
A mother who I see and greet every morning came over to me and stopped.
She was on her way out, and she began talking to me.
She is a hispanic mother, and without really hearing and listening I thought she
was telling me to move, b/c she was about to leave in her car.
But that was not the case.
She was actually asking me why they make me stand in the parking lot! :)
I said..."Oh, nah mas, babysitting the grown ups--asegurando de que la gente siguen las reglas..."
So then she starts telling me how her right ear is not working!!
I asked her:
Do you have congestion? (We are in a cloud of pollen here)
Do you have fever?
Does it hurt?
No, No, y no...
So are you thinking what I was thinking?
Sudden Hearing Loss!
What is wierd to me is that this mother came over to me to tell me this...
She just picked me out..
So I told her about sudden hearing loss, and I offered to check her ears out,
AFTER THE LATE BELL--b/c that was when I would be
officially permitted to go into the building and do my {job}.
In the meantime she began asking me questions about where I am from.
This is always funny to me.
I confuse the hispanic parents A LOT!
I always tell them..."I am from this very town"
Then they tell me the country the {thought} I was from.
This lady thought I was surely from Venezuela.
"You don't seem like an American at all to me," she said
"You know," she said, "My brother married a woman from Slovakia...you sort of look like her."
ha!  This is hilarious...I am not sure what Slovakian people have as physical characteristics..but I bet Beyoncees are not on the list! :)

So I checked her ears.  I got her hearing threshold levels in the right ear and sent her on her way {hopefully} to the Dr.
I tried to stress the importance of getting to the M.D. immediately--b/c they have steroids, and maybe her hearing would come back.
She has no insurance.
She can still go, and I wonder if she did or not.

Either way, we see eachother every A.M.
So I will be able to ask her.

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Bethany said...

Whoa! Meant to be, huh! You could have that eastern european look, for sure... I can see that. :)