Thursday, March 1, 2012


Okay, this is  just an all over the place post b/c I have been thinking about these things, and I thought you all might want something to think about too. :)

*Blue eyes:
Has anyone else noticed, on TV, how the blue eyes are looking very blue lately.  It makes me wonder if the TV people have added some color--in the screen or something?? OR if all these people really have eyes this blue...
If you want an example--look at Scott Pelley on the CBS evening news, see?  Or, the eyecare commercial--it advertises vitamins for peoples' eyes--the eyes are freakishly blue!
Then, the one that cracks me up is the eyelash booster med--and the warning says it {might} {make your blue eyes brown}--ugghh..and the girl in the commercial has --well, I think hers are brown!--but she has pretty eyelashes.. ha!

**speaking of commercials, when I have been running in the AM usually PBS is my TV of choice, but lately I have been watching the news, and for entire five minute segments--there are commercials.  Yesterday I thought...I like that one--it's so cute--(It was a Lowe's commercial)--then there was the car commercial with all the dogs going camping--LOVED IT!--Then I thought--hold on a minute --this whole run has been filled with commercial watching--but actually it did not bother me, so "thank you!" commercial makers, for making them fun to watch.

*I have to tell our rolling out the cookies story--it is a hoot--let's just say it was the first time I have EVER been able to roll out cookies!! YAY! BUT--the dough turned out a little--well, not sweet??  {biscuity}--dry biscuity and let's just say that my Dad almost choked on one of them, and had to spit it out in the yard!! ha ha ha ha!! It was a funny cookie time.

**Finally, we have friends coming this weekend and we are all excited!! woo hoo!! They are coming from far far away....Burlington--to visit or little enclave of --well, {little}--I sure hope they like the piggly wiggly...just kidding, they have been here before--and my friend actually doen's really enjoy to shop, she would like it here...

*One more:  We have an interesting vowel pronounciation issue going on at our house --and it is--Elena cannot distinguish b/t the short /a/ and the long /i/..the way I say it.  She has to make the dipthong long /i/ in order to the difference, and her short /a/'s sound like my long /i/s--we have been noticing this--and laughing and laughing at reading time.  But it is all really interesting to me, and I am trying to give her accent lessons.  I think I am fighting a losing battle however, as I think the accent of a child is more determined by peer group than parentage--I do not share my mother's accent at all...We are working on it, though, TRUST ME! ;)

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Bethany said...

Yes, I totally just tested out those sounds, out loud, and I hear the issue! :) Very little difference! None of MAH kids tawk like me. Or Rick, with his slight Cleveland accent. I agree w/ you - and few of the kids in their peer groups sound southern. Too many come from too many places. So, what will mine sound like?? Poor Elena, I totally get it! ;-) Let's volley on this.