Thursday, March 1, 2012

Recommend to {you}?

I had a very interesting experience the other day...well, almost two weeks ago now--un rato, no?
A person who I know at church told me, "My husband and I are going to Spain, and I know that you lived there for a bit, would you recommend things to do and see to us?  I would like to know what you loved there..what you did..."
I asked here where they were going and she told me Madrid and Seville.
Been there.  Lived in Seville..
If you know know..I have my {band camp} stories, for sure.
I am sure she is not interested in sharing these.. :)  We are acquaintances, nothing more, if we were
more, she would have heard some of my stories already.
I sort of agonized over this.
What can I even say?
Well, for one, we have not been there in over 10 years.
So, anything that I recommend restaurant wise--might not even exist anymore.
ummm.what else?
Go hang out in parks?--That is what we did...
Go and read about history of the Spanish language, and study Spanish arts
and architecture?  ummm, I do not think that is what she is after..
Live with Maria, en Nervion, y que pasen al bar alli cerquita donde
hay bocaditos bien buenos y que tomen una cruzcampos...A ver si Antonio aun trabaja
Ride on the C11 bus and see the gypsy houses all on the outskirts of town..are they even there
I am not sure what to even say to her.
So, I think that is what I will say.
oh, and have fun!  It is a beautiful place, discover things for yourselves, and have
an adventure!
Maybe that is what I will say..

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