Wednesday, March 7, 2012


sooo....let's see...things have been going on so fast around here that I have not been blogging!
Here are some highlights...
*I never told the girl any recommendations and she never asked again..oh well, I am not even sure when they are going to Spain, maybe they are there now..
**I ended up GETTING BLAMED for that girl hitting me...I decided to not even worry about that anymore.  Just know, dear blog readers, that you can be riding down the road and get hit in the side by a person, and then get blamed for it, just know this.
*Andy and I enjoyed our company VERY MUCH this past weekend.  If you cannot escape the have the outside come to you I say!
**I have discovered that getting Newsweek magazine keeps me sane.  I am somewhat a feminist, I was educated at a very liberal school in a town full of people with their heads stuck in the Carolina blue sky, and well...the news just depresses the hell out of me...all I have heard my whole life is how women's birth control pills are not covered by health ins.--(I always thought to myself, well go to the health dept. and get them free like I do (did)!) --anyway...So, the president and others decide that actually, they should be...and I have to hear a bunch of old guy priest saying "hell no!" all week on the news???!!!--If you read Newsweek you will know that according to polls...most of the Catholics are not against health insurance paying for B. control pills--turns out they (catholics) take them too!! what in the world!!??
I mean sometimes, when I watch the news...I think we are going back in time...and ahh..ladies, we do not want to do that...we need to remember history--and remember we do not want it repeated! I think my great grandmas had 11 or 12 children a piece..  yep.
I think hard-on pills are covered--b/c you know having a stiffy is a vital part of men's health?? huh??
*Oh, and on to children and {how many}--I work at a school, and all I see all day is children who are neglected who mostly are paid for by the gov'ts dollar.  I have never had much pent up emotion about this, but I just keep seeing whole sets of children from the same mother --and a whole slew of different dads..and well, I think Uncle Sam ought to pay for one.  I am not saying people can only have one, they can have all they can pay for, but uncle sam, should pay for one of those--I mean all of it!  one free lunch.  one bus ride. one free breakfast. one set of food stamps.  one medicaid card for one child.  one free glasses.  one free cell phone--no scratch that one off...that is dumb as can be that people consider having a cell phone a necessity...dumb!-- one!  that is all.
If you could see and hear what I do all day long from parents who treat their children worse than most people would treat a dog...well, it would make you think the same way, if you do not already.
yep.  include if I wanted all three of my children to ride the bus, I would pay gas for two of them.
It is easy to keep having babies, apparently--to some people--when you do not pay for one thing for them.
And really, I would not mind them all being paid for, except that the proverbial "soup pot" is empty...the govt is BROKE!!--AND, these children, despite all the hand outs--are not even being raised up, and treated well, it disgusts me.


That post ended up being very soap boxy! ;).  It was for you Morgan. ;).I know you love it when I get riled up!


Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

Sus-I loved it! And I think your "paying for one" is a FABULOUS idea! If I didn't have to worry about paying for all the things needed to raise a child, I would certainly have more than just 2. Preach it Sus!!!!!! Miss and love you. Glad you had a fun time this weekend with your pals. We need to plan a summer getaway :)

Bethany said...

Was just thinking about you - and here you are, entertaining me... Where to start? :) I agree with it all! Especially the hard-on pill part, LOL. That's in the constitution, right to erection it's called... never mind the consequences! Can we please not go backwards? Please? Can we please not elect one out of the pack of fools? I have been thinking of some fun bumper stickers, will share. :) Happy weekend Susan! Glad you had fun out of towner visit!