Thursday, March 15, 2012

Five years ago on this day

I had been to the Dr. in the A.M.--my appts. were always on Thursdays (my favorite day).
The ob told me to go ahead and drink some castor oil, and maybe the baby would come out. ;)
I did!! Then I ate half a box of Lucky Charms....
Andy was out in the yard putting together Elena's birthday present for her second birthday..
A Dora Beetle car--it is still out in the yard now!
I can picture it all very vividly...
I was hoping and hoping he would make an appearance, and at 3AM tom, boy did he ever!

The day a woman labors with a baby really sticks in the mind.
Each year when my children turn a year older, I usually spend the day before their birthdays
remembering being in labor.

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Bethany said...

Me too. It's one of the few days I can remember specific parts for most of the day. :) Sweet memories!