Saturday, March 10, 2012

Is it too late for this?

These are Valentine's pictures it too late to post these?
Two of these were meant to prove the point that Valentines day has gone overboard.
It is my favorite holiday, however, some children in Preschool classes--TWO YEAR OLDS!!
package up shovels and rhymes and goodie bags..!!
We, stick with the other, the simple card and a sucker.

good night

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Bethany said...

Never too late! And never too late to guess what Andy has on behind all those kids... oh wait, I see jeans. Dern. VaLeNtInE's, Woman! :) Yes - overboard! Some kids {moms} did that in Phoenix's class, with the goody bag and card! Wot?! I didn't even put the names on, just his name. Oops...