Sunday, March 11, 2012

Where I have been this morning...

I went to the asparagus farm!

If you click that link, you can go there too.
I have been wanting to plant asparagus for years now, --since
the last time I read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, and well,
I finally investigated it, and next week or so, I should be able to plant mine. :)

If you are a reader, and you have never read that book....
You should not delay any longer, it is one of the best books
Barbara Kingsolver, well, she is my favorite author.
Now, I will have a little forever patch of asparagus...

When you plant asparagus it stays there forever.
The shoots come up each year, and you eat them in the spring.
That is the only time the shoots come up.
They shoot up, you pick and eat, then
they shoot up again, and you pick and eat...according to
my favorite author, this goes on for six weeks or so.
Once I plant my baby asparagus crowns we cannot eat
any for THREE YEARS.
But that will be fun go over and check on them etc.

The spot for them is the same spot as my Zinnia spot.
I will have to have a new Zinnia spot now.
Our yard is so shady (that's a good thing) that we cannot have many
{full sun} plants.

Okay--I am off to another place now.
Doesn't that farm look like a fun place.
I love how their website is sort of home madey--love it!


Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

Can't wait to see pics!!!

Bethany said...

Haha, that is funny, their homemade site. Did you buy "Andy's Amazing asparagus??" Remember back when we first re-connected we talked about loving that book... ah, the days... guess it's time for my re-read too. I don't have a spot to plant!! They would have to right at the sunny front door, and that won't work. oh well. YUM for you!! Exciting, the anticipation...