Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hold the fries {please}

I was just watching a video clip of a celeb who used to
be on my favorite soap when she was a little girl, and into her adolescence and she
was doing something that many celebrities do--that drives me crazy, and incidentally, ruins
their vocal chords.
It is called a glottal fry...and if you listen to celebrities in interviews it is easy to spot.
There is a certain vocal quality they are trying to pull off--the "I have a bit of
laryngitis/sexy gruff lady voice" and instead of crooning--they hold all of the
vocalized sounds on their vocal chords--and fry and hold--
It really makes me think of a fried egg when I hear it.
No, maybe not, b/c I like fried eggs.
These girls/women/men (usually not, but I have heard it) need
to hire a vocal coach--or a speech therapist to help rid them of this
bad habit.
Do you have glottal fry?  If you do, I would suggest not doing that
to your poor vocal chords (or folds if you want to say it the right way).
Instead of holding vowel sounds...let them flow freely.

That was sort of a soap box {mini}.

We have been having so many adventures lately that I have not posted!
Goodness! :)

I will be back soon with some good posts.


Anonymous said...

which actress?

Bethany said...

I have no idea what you're talking about, but I like the sound of it! :) I will throw that phrase into conversation now, and be all fried.