Saturday, April 21, 2012

What's been going on??

Well here is the photographic version of what we have been up to.
I finally got the chance to upload some pictures--so here they are. :)

 Elena struck this pose when she got into the boat...look familiar?  I am sure it does!  Funny thing..she has certainly never seen that movie. :)  That must be a natural thing to want to do when a person goes to the bow of a boat?? ha!
 Can you see how excited everyone was?? Look at our faces and grins!

 After baseball, at the park, playing--V-man and some friends.
 This was Elena after Steppin Out last night.  Steppin out is sort of a talent show night/fundraiser that is hosted by an {educational foundation} here in our county.  It was held at the WHS auditorium and
it featured perfomances by children at each school.  The children were picked by their music staff (whoever that person might be) at their school.   Elena's school performed a number called "hip hop bunny"
It was cute, as you can probably imagine!
Today we are off to the baseball field again, and I have to be the dugout girl..
That particular sort of task --gives me anxiety.
I much prefer, if I have to be at the ball field, vamos--to be on the bleacher hollering
out encouraging things.  Yeah, that is what I like.

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Bethany said...

YAHOO!!!! SO excited about your boat. It's going to great! Very cute update, bloggy bud, Missed ya! Now I'm off tot he ballfield, too. To yell from the bleachers while Coach Rick does his thing on the field. :)