Monday, April 23, 2012

Things {not} to do when you have PMS

Not for guys. :)

Watch the explorer channel shows where mother animals give birth and then a predator animal
eats the baby--I mean giving birth--just DOES NOT need to be filmed--no matter what
the species...
let's leave a little to the imagination...
Don't we all know that they baby giraffe comes out and is swaddled in a fuzzy, pink, monogrammed blanket?

Go to the ball field in the rain and cold when it is 7:15PM (hello, bed time, anyone??--at 7:15 we are going to
bed soon around here...)--and be in the rain and cold...AND YOU JUST WORKED ALL DAY!!
Did I mention {ever} that ball games are just {NOT} my deal???
Well, now I have--esp. with PMS!!!
frowns and frowns abound.

get near lots of food

do anything but the bare minimum to get through the day--
hey some people do this EVERY day--I guess I can claim a couple days per month,

oh, and one more!

Talk {out loud} at the ball field.

Yeah...that covers it. ;)

1 comment:

Bethany said...

Hear, hear! And amen. The ball games get more fun in the older league, but the late nights do NOT. I feel your pain - or I will be tonight, at the game...