Monday, April 30, 2012

When it's not your fault {but it is}

I am knowing more and more that life is just to teach us
new stuff each day....that is its purpose, for sure!
Friday I learned that sometimes it is clearly not your fault, but {it just is}.
{some} dollars later...
I knew I was not going to worry any longer!!
I mean --I was relieved.
Lawyers are on my list of people to stay away from...but sometimes, they
are just the people you need.
No problem, he said!
It will be dismissed!
Just go pay the guy at the front desk {some}dollars, and
I will go to court and this will be handled, he said!!
I mean is that amazing to anyone else?
All that worry, all that anguish...
and {some} dollars later, problem solved, problem solved!

He did agree with me, that getting hit in the side was not my fault.
He looked at the pictures etc.
Then he told me why they would say it was my fault {anyway}.
Totally not fair, but then again...many things are not fair!!
Who cares?
After our little chat, and the payment of a fee...
I certainly did not any more.
I was off to get a Starbucks treat and do some
Mommy shopping, and Loft had all their stuff 40% off...
So, our weekend started off {just right}.

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Bethany said...

Ahhhh! First things first! I shopped the loft sale too - SO many cute things/great deals! I'm emailing you a pic, I got Mom a date night outfit, and she wore it last weekend.
And - I'm glad that for {some} amt, you are now worry-free. I know you were right, the end. ;-)