Thursday, May 24, 2012

Preschool Graduation

Can you see which one is my V-man?
He is the one in the tie-dyed tee. :)

I cannot even begin to describe him here, to you, but man!
As I put it in an email to B today, it is so fun to see my little boy
It is {interesting} to see all of the traits of {manly} in their little boy version.
so tender! very tender!
and {MANLY}.

He did a great job last night.
They sang songs, and got a diploma--oh yeah!
and a sweet grandma played, "pomp and circumstance" on the piano.
Be still my heart!
This is the foto of our Ice Cream social..after the main event.
There were 18 children in Victor's church preschool class...
That is bigger than a public school classroom, here in our county.

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Bethany said...

He's so cute!!!! :)