Thursday, May 24, 2012

Super Busy day...update--

Let's see...
I survived the day.
We went to the graduation, which was really cute.
I did not get emotional.
Nana got a little misty-eyed, interestingly enough.
I am thinking this is b/c she is the one who did a lot of kiddie hauling
(along with grandma) to get him there for two years.
She is, after all, of the Grandma Eva school of, "don't cry all the time!" {ojala!}.
I think to myself--don't even get misty eyed, lest your flood gates fail you...
Maybe I will join the no-crying crew one day. ;).

The storm that came just before the graduation was ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE.
It was a close cousin to the one I was in when I wrecked Andy's truck about
seven years ago...
Oh yeah...Hail, Thunder, Straight Line winds... TERRIBLE.
So, as we were getting out of our car, under the carport, the car door
blew open HARD and hit the vavn beside of us..
So we are going to be buying a new van door soon...
Do they sell THOSE at Wal-h#ll's?--Now that is the question of the day.
I bet van doors are the cheapest at Wal-hel!'s...
What a I giving out free ideas here???

I wish I had pictures.
It seems, however, that my camera has revolted,
Perhaps it was in response to the post I did the other day
about the {camera}..that I wanted...
Oh dear Camera!! Please do not fail me now!! You know you will
NOT be replaced with a 200.00 model!!
We do not have 200.00!!
We have to buy a VAN DOOR!!

So, yes. I survived.
Now, Andy is at the ball field with a tired little boy...playing {ball}.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend, and drink you some gassy waters! ;)

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Bethany said...

Go on amazon, w/ make & model of the van, look for a door! I just had to buy someone a new taillight...since Cole crashed his bike into the back of some p.o.s. truck on our st. The dang thing must have been cracked/weakened already... but... Anyway! I got a new light for $41, vs $100 at dealers. Whew.