Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rundown of my day (the half-asleep version)

4:45--Wake up--Eva is hollering something about she can't see?? (It is dark, you know, Eva.)
5:10--Get up
5:15--Make coffee
Get ready, Get everyone else ready, Get them to my mom's.
7:30--meeting at school with a parent.  To meet this early is rare--but if a parent requests it, sure! (at least they are coming.)
8:20-10:00--Day--normal work day--
10:00-11:10--Take Food for Folks--Deliver meals around town.
11:10-1:00--Combination of work and paperwork for work
1:00--Go on a home visit to see a kid.
3:30--End of work day at Work
6:15--Go to V-man's preschool graduation
7:00--The Graduation Starts
8:45--Probably--come home and we all go to bed...

It's gonna be a long one folks...!

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