Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Wind in the {ears}

So, last night I talked on the phone with my friend Shannon and we laughed so hard!!
I will tell you the reason:
She and I share many inside jokes (like most good friends) and one of them is
my dislike of having wind get in my ears.
She thinks the very idea of "wind in the ears" is HILARIOUS and completely absurd.
Meanwhile, on the opposite end of the {wind in the ear}debate--I know that the wind
can enter the ears, and one becomes sick or very uncomfortable!
Just the idea of the wind in my ears can make me need some ibuprofen.
I mean it can be 85 degrees outside and if the breeze is blowing and I am going
running--You will see me with something over my ears.
If you side with Shannon and do not believe in {wind in the ear} then you
could calm yourself and call it a sweatband.
But, if you ask me, I will tell you all about how the wind blows across my ears, and
then my whole ears and jaw hurt...
So....all of this laughing and laughing on this particular topic has gone
on between Shannon and me for at least four years.
Jump to the present:
The other day I went to visit a mother--who is from Mexico-- who recently
(five days prior) had given birth by C-Section.  She lives in a camper with
her husband and three children. One of the children has {special} needs etc.
That is the reason I was there.
You know I felt like a speck of dirt going in her house when she was four days from having
been sliced in half --all for the sake of a QUESTIONNAIRE!!  But she was
very gracious and obliged me and my {needs}.
While I was there I was very attentive to her needs--as anyone would be--I mean the lady
could barely move, for Pete's sake.
So when I was leaving I was checking on HER well-being.
I asked if she needed anything...etc.
Well, I noticed that she had cotton in her ears!
My thought, "Oh, God! Don't tell me she has an ear infection too!! Oh no, Poor thing!!"
So I asked her--"Oh God!--are your ears okay?  Que pasa con los oidos?"
Oh, no, no, que en my country after giving birth we have to be
very covered up all over lest a wind enter us and make us sick!! The wind can get in the ears, y hay que protegerse los oidos!--One has to protect the ears! :)  We cover ourselves for 40 days..
Can't you see, my head scarf and my socks and shoes on in the house, oh, and the cotton in
my ears!
WHEW... I was glad she did not have an ear infection--I mean on top of the C-section
wound, and the kid CLIMBING ALL OVER HER, and the well, the list goes on and on...
BUT I also cracked UP inside!!
Eat your heart out Shannon!! There are {wind in the ears} stories from all over the world
that have arisen completely independently from mine!
There is even a Chinese one--My herb man told me one time..
I will save that one, as I am being begged to go on  a shoe hunt right now. :)

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Bethany said...

HA! Too funny! I have something to add: when my Mom had the egg hunt a few years ago, you gathered up your kids and left saying "The wind is hurting my ears, and my jaw aches!" I hadn't heard someone say that, and it perplexed me! LOL, now I know, this is nothing new in Susan-world... :) I will now be sensitive to wind and ear issues with you. XO! Happy weekend!