Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New guilty pleasure

About a month ago my cousin turned me on to a new show--well new for me, anyway.
The show is called, "Hart of Dixie"
It is a good one y'all!  For real.  She told me --it is a bit campy, and
well, sappy maybe...but it is so good!
I have seen it twice, but last night--it was THE BEST!
Most of the shows I watch now are reality shows...
The Amazing Race, or
they are comedies...
The Big Bang
or How I Met your Mother (which, I hope he never does b/c I love that show!)

So, finding a drama show that I can watch, well, it was a bit surprising.
This one is a good escape.
It comes on the CW, I think--it is one of the in between channels if you have
an antenna..if you have cable--well, you I don't know.

Now, on to something I want:
This camera loads your pictures onto your blog or whatever after you take them.
I know, I know, you can do that with an I --device--whichever you pick, but I still like the {idea} of a camera being a camera...and with all the money we save not having permanent walkie talkies (AKA cell phones) I can still afford a camera all by itself. ;)--SNark! (I am feeling cheeky--sorry).

So, Andy was on his way to work today and they called the house to say that he need not come in b/c he would be on call tonight--sooooo he drove all the way there, and all the way back--also b/c of our lack of {walkie talkies}--I guess that is where snark will get me...!! :)  I guess that gas money is chipping away at our no-cell-phone--savings.

On to our weekend last weekend:
It could not have been better!!
If you are ever feeling down and out and in a rut--
take someone, anyone (who is fun) --and get OUT OF TOWN. :)
We went to visit Andy's sister and we went to a music festival in Beaufort NC
Man!! It was fun!!
We shopped, admired downtown, and listened to her husband's band play--
and they were SUPER!
Then we fed the turtles in their canal....(the one in their neighborhood), we played on the beach and we
went to see the penguins at the aquarium!! --That is a lot, no?
But --it was all a blast.
On Sunday when we got home, I unwrapped all of my mother's day goodies!! :)
Sweet!--that is the only word to describe all that!
During the weekend--I took not a single picture!
On Sunday-NONE!
My ganas to take a foto waxes and wanes--and we are waning right now.

Okay, sweet bloggy readers!
I am off to read about your lives now. ;)


Anonymous said...

the beaufort things sounds great!!! is that in a nicolas sparks book? Dont forget to tell me the supplement for weight loss vitamin thing you bought! Thanks!

Bethany said...

I've missed you & your updates! LOVE Beaufort fun... Not offended at all - I'm in charge of my 24 hr walkie talkie, which means i can turn it OFF and not answer whenever I want! :) Too may ppl forget that...and I totally believe in real cameras, go for it! Have a great week.... last wk of school for us...