Tuesday, May 8, 2012

{Snake oil}

So, this Dr. Oz kick has me going....
I have been trying to lose weight, and it is very hard!!
I mean I am an eater by nature.
I love food...so that means in the A.M.--first thought?  What do I get to
eat after I run???
I can get very excited about healthy stuff...don't get me wrong..
{ALL} foods are great to me.
So, when one does not lose weight, one begins to look for {help}.
On Dr. Oz yesterday they had some pills...yep...I am not above this for
vanity's sake...they were some plants or something --read: {snake oil??}
Well, we will see, dear friends, b/c I took a trip over to the ole
GNC today and I stocked up on...
well, what Dr. Oz told me to.
{of course}.
One of them is from some African Plant... blah blah blah...it has two different names...
The other is a starchy thing that fills up yo tummy..I'll take it! --give me some
of those!! ;).
I will keep you filled in on my progress...

Oh, and about the ads..the one for the acne vitamins--ughh..
If you know me, and my close up face, you know that I always have a bit
of zits...yep.  It is true, since my early 20s.
Well, that combination of vitamins works!
It is called Pantothen...and well, you can't argue with results.
That is all I have to say...
And no, the real Susan has not been hijacked...
But when I know something has working, I like to share it. ;)


Anonymous said...

let me know how it goes with the snake oil! I need a jumpstart too!

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

What is the acne stuff??? You know I need help with my skin and I will try ANYTHING :)

Susan said...


The acne stuff is called Pantothen.
I will email you about it.
I found it when I google searched...
It is a combination of vitamins.
So, you take the vitamins and your skin is cured from the inside out, which is what I have always said would need to happen....b/c my skin makes so much grease, you know?