Saturday, June 23, 2012

{lucky} me

Good Luck!
Man, that was lucky!
Break a leg!
He got his lucky break!

Yep! Luck.  That is the topic of the day.
There seems to be a trend among people to say --
"Oh no, honey, you are blessed!"
Maybe not where you live, but in the Bible belt this
has been happening for a little while.
I do not remember this, ever, when I was a little girl.
I grew up here.
We went to church.
If someone said, "good luck" --their choice of
words was never corrected.

The first couple of times that someone did this to me I felt like a child who had blurted out
a cuss word at the family Christmas.  Oh!  I am not allowed to say that word??? {oops}...
Let me correct myself!! {oops}

Then, I thought about it, and decided that NOPE!  I do believe in luck!  Yep!
Sometimes we get LUCKY.
What is so wrong with that?  Well, since it is my mouth, and my choice of words, and I did not
in fact, cuss (socially unacceptable) --I say NOTHING.
Actually, I think that God has a big ole sense of humor, and created luck to keep us guessing!
Are there blessings?  Well, sure there are!  We can all count ours!
BUT sometimes I think things happen--and they are lucky chances...

So, I have also resolved myself to stick to my word choice, and when someone corrects me from now
on, I will just say, "No, I think it was luck, actually"
People correcting your choice of words is very presumptuous, no?

Your Birthday card came and I just laughed to myself!
I have had this post floating around in my head for weeks now!--and then your card came. ;)
Bloggy Buddy ESP for sure!

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Bethany said...

Hey, lucky woman! Hear, hear - I hear ya. There is nothing wrong with a little luck! I fancy myself lucky, and I'm happy to say it :)