Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The point of no return

Usually when you hear people talking about their toddler's development they talk about
the terrible two(s).
When Elena turned two I thought--NOPE! --She was a dreamboat that whole year.
Anything that she might have done that was naughty or a pain in the rear--could be
attributed to baby--or to trying to be more independent.  It was all so
common sense to me.  She did not aggravate me.
THEN!! She turned three.  All of a sudden--there was a teensy bit of annoying there.
This led me to think --somewhere the childhood specialists that tell us all what to expect
and what to think about it --they have missed the mark.
This three year old--CAN TALK--but will cry and cry sometimes, and she
CAN POTTY--AND HAS FOR OVER A YEAR--but she will not even TRY TO dress herself...etc.
I barely remember it all ....

Until now! :)  Eva is doing the same thing.
Mind you --she is the {baby} of the family.
She came out knowing this in her very soul, I am convinced of this.
So, it seems like she is keenly aware that she is coming close to her age of --
being a baby is no longer {as acceptable}...so I will assert myself and DEMAND that
they will acknowledge my right to own this bit of babyhood.
She realizes what is going on.
So now, if she wants to wear a pull up--it is b/c she is pretending to be the teeny baby.
Or, if she wants to drink a bottle--of course she is pretending to be a baby...duh!
If she does not want to talk--she just wants to make puppy dog whimpers--well
ugh..Isn't that what a teeny baby would do?  Oh, and if she chooses to suck a passy for
a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon...{of course} she is pretending to be a baby! ;)

I do not argue with her.
Of course.
I get it.

I think I want to hold on to it a bit too. ;).

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