Tuesday, June 5, 2012

More Pictures :)

My camera decided that it does love me {afterall} SO!! this means you get to see some fotos that I took. :)
 Elena and her buddy Suzie at their school for next year! So sweet!! I think I have a picture of me--just like this one. :)
 Sweet Nana!! with our Eva Lou--this was at V-man's graduation, and well, she got emotional that night.
 Andy's best bud--and a male version of me --Josh and his wife Andrea--who is expecting their
baby {yippie!}. They came to see us and we went downtown and saw the band Mandolin Orange play at a music festival. FUN. :)
Ms. Sara--who has now taught three Pilgreen offspring--My sister included in this--all they need to
know--in Kindergarten!  She teaches the Pre-K at our church...but she is teaching them K curriculum. ;).
We love her!! Lovely lady, she is.

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Bethany said...

These are so cute! All the big {life} & {school} events...