Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A new show {for me}

Okay, I have been watching ABC shows on Elena's I-pod touch in the bed at night.
We have one TV in our house and we usually all watch stuff together.
So, this means--I do not do a lot of TV watching...I read.
This does not mean that I do not like TV--I LOVE TV!!
My newest find--b/c it is on the ABC list on the I-Pod touch...
Modern Family.
That show is so funny, y'all!
It is so clever. :)
At night I watch it...and laught my head off!
So, now I have watched all the ones they have listed on the ABC app...
I guess I wll have to find a new nightly viewing ...
I do recommend, to all my bloggy buddies, to check this one out.
The ABC app is free to download.


Bethany said...

You have to get all the past seasons on dvd! We've been watching it from the start & it is always so hilarious - so few shows really make you laugh out loud, right? :)
I'm like you - we all watch tv, & I read... until something I love is on. :)

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

Sus- There is a show on the History Channel...It is called Mountain Men and it follows 3 different men who live off the land in the mountains...Guess who one of them is?? Eustace Conway from Turtle Island!!!!! I have not watched it yet but I am going to, isn't that wild?? You may be able to watch episodes off the internet site for History Channel...but google Mountain Men TV show and you will find it. Crazy, he is a tv star now :)