Saturday, July 28, 2012

Check it out!

It has bows, cherries, ruffles, AND polka dots! A little girl's dream for sure. It was on clearance at Belk! A Mama's dream for sure. Some of our other ones were looking pretty terrible after their second summer in the river.

Monday, July 23, 2012

All Aboard!!

The speed train that is called, "summer vacation."  Hold on tight, folks--we are going to be travelling at lightening speed.  Get ready to:
take kiddies to swim practice each day,
play outside
go to swim meets
carve watermelon
eat peaches
eat cherries
make supper (or go to Grandma's)
watch fun kid shows (Justin Silver's dogs of NYC and wipeout)
carve another watermelon
take a quick roadtrip
Are you still holding on?
Do all of that some more--but do not forget to take a breath.
Breath in that hot, summer air.
Oh, and don't forget to enjoy that luke warm bath water river...
it doesn't last long on the Summer speed train...
It just whizzes by!! whoosh...
Oh, and throw in some jumping on the trampoline,
tinkering in the garden--those plants bake {fast} in the boiling summer sun...
you might even pull some weeds out if you are super fast!
boat rides,
catch some fish,
rain storms,
thunder storm watching
more pool
more river...
Still holding on!??
I hope so, b/c soon those
familiar tugs start to ground us and our Summer train ride will grind to a screeching halt!
We will start to think...
Is that bathing suit too little?  Already?
Could I see you growing?
Did I even have a chance to relax and be
alone?  and {relax}--do they have that car on the Summer speed train?
When did those little freckles pop up?
Did we get {enough} of those fresh peaches? watermelon?  did I buy every cherry that I could??
tug, tug, tug...
Which backpack do you want?
Oh, that one is your favorite!  okay--Who will your teacher be?
Our fast, wonderful train ride of Summer and fun will come to an end, and I think
I will be wondering...
Would a slower train be better?  It that an option?

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Will be three tomorrow. Her request? A pink and red butterfly cake! Easy enough my little hambone princess. Part of our party day will surely be spent eating supper at Andy's cheesesteaks. The other part will include a family party. I just can't wait to eat that cake! :)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Making Coral

Elena has a subscription to a little girl's magazine that had cute ideas for an ocean themed party. Can you spot the coral? The sea foam float? Watermelon fish? We had a great time! The ideas were too cute to resist.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Why I Love Summer

Elena spent the night with a friend last night (That is why she is not in a picture). The only alarm I have to mind is the dog wanting to go out . . .
Cherries are in season.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Spot and Prissy

Our neighbor has a little dog. At some point last year Spot found her and thus began the amazing friendship of Spot and Prissy. They look for each other outside. They bark to call one another. It has been so fun to watch them. My children, particularly Elena, love to watch Spot and Prissy play together. Here are some fotos.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

3 {MILLION!!!} Dollars???

okay, this is what i have been reading in the tabloid rags lately..
J. S!mpson is getting paid 3 millions dollars to be the spokesperson for Weight wAtchers...
Are you kidding me.
I mean they are going to pay HER all that freaking money to not be a fat pig??
Meanwhile--poor, little ole regular me --has TO PAY THAT COMPANY 20 bucks a
month to NOT BE FAT!! ???
Reading that they will be paying her that absurd amount of money makes  me want to cancel
my membership...
Why does she deserve to get paid to lose her baby weight??
Who even {likes} her???--I mean besides her friends and family obviously (I am not that mean).
BUT --as far as celebrity goes she is right down at the bottom of my {favorite} celeb totem pole..
ughh..she is crude, rude, disgusting--she acts like she is dumb all the time...she has no manners,
she is --yuck, people!!
I mean are they going to hire someone to count her points for her too??

BAD! BAd! Bad!! Weight Watchers!! {yuck!}

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Various and Asundry observations/opinions

This post has been in my head as of late.
I am sure I will forget bits of it, but here goes.
The post's primary purpose was to be to express my dislike of certain linguistic habits, but
there are a couple of others that I just thought I would {put out there}. :)
*Does anyone else find it irritating when people constantly shorten names of restaurants or name brands
from the whole name to a shorter version?  It reminds me of the brat pack in an eighties movie, or lots
of sorority are some I hear {constantly}...
The restaurant here, El Tapatio --becomes "El tap" --ahhh!!
Okay here are more...
Lilly Pulitzer clothes become "Lily dresses" or a "lilly top"--ahhhh!!--I don't even like those clothes, and I have to hear about them AND with a shortened version of the word...{torture}.
The restaurant Backwater Jack's becomes, "jack's"...
I just like to say the whole names of things...It does not take that much extra energy, and
sounding like an 18 year old is not something I am interested in....
Just say the whole word, people!! :)

*The other thing I have been meaning to put up here is this whole new razor trend.
Why to razor makers/designers think women need a razor with a slime ball wrapped
around it??
You have all seen them...they have GIANT chunks of {moisturizer} which promptly becomes
slime when you are ever-so-delicately balancing in the shower trying not to cut yourself.
Just leave the razors alone!!

*...And one more...why do hat makers make all ladies hats in one size?  I mean really, men's hats come in sizes, and then you check the ladies one--and
Well, I guess women all have the same sized heads--that would be the assumption to make..
{except mine!!} :)...
And with that, I will go and make my breakfast. :)