Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Various and Asundry observations/opinions

This post has been in my head as of late.
I am sure I will forget bits of it, but here goes.
The post's primary purpose was to be to express my dislike of certain linguistic habits, but
there are a couple of others that I just thought I would {put out there}. :)
*Does anyone else find it irritating when people constantly shorten names of restaurants or name brands
from the whole name to a shorter version?  It reminds me of the brat pack in an eighties movie, or lots
of sorority are some I hear {constantly}...
The restaurant here, El Tapatio --becomes "El tap" --ahhh!!
Okay here are more...
Lilly Pulitzer clothes become "Lily dresses" or a "lilly top"--ahhhh!!--I don't even like those clothes, and I have to hear about them AND with a shortened version of the word...{torture}.
The restaurant Backwater Jack's becomes, "jack's"...
I just like to say the whole names of things...It does not take that much extra energy, and
sounding like an 18 year old is not something I am interested in....
Just say the whole word, people!! :)

*The other thing I have been meaning to put up here is this whole new razor trend.
Why to razor makers/designers think women need a razor with a slime ball wrapped
around it??
You have all seen them...they have GIANT chunks of {moisturizer} which promptly becomes
slime when you are ever-so-delicately balancing in the shower trying not to cut yourself.
Just leave the razors alone!!

*...And one more...why do hat makers make all ladies hats in one size?  I mean really, men's hats come in sizes, and then you check the ladies one--and
Well, I guess women all have the same sized heads--that would be the assumption to make..
{except mine!!} :)...
And with that, I will go and make my breakfast. :)

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Bethany said...

where did my comment go? no, i'm not a robot hacker...
:) Like the good morning post & totally agree... name shortening is like totally too cool for school, dude ;) (thank u for confirming i am not the only one who is NOT a lilly p. addict!) Happy 4th Hill Family!