Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Whew!! {y'all}

Even typing that, and saying it in my mind makes me think of Paula Deen! ha!
That is how I feel.
Just--whew...as in all my air is fizzling out and all I can think of is exhaustion--and a compulsion to eat sweets! (???)--that is b/c I am so out of energy I think.
The latter part is being controlled (partly) by drinking tea...
Calm me down tea, and make me skinny tea (we can all hope, right?)
So this school year will be a year of changes for me.
I have been moved across the river to a different school, b/c of money etc. all of the speech pathologists who are county paid have to be evenly distributed around the county.  It was all done fairly etc., but I must say this has thrown me for a loop!--I did not want to move out of the school where my children go--and will go, in Eva's case.
But you know what?--WHATEVER!  I am quickly getting over this.
Logistically this has thrown me somewhat of a monkey wrench--but that is what friends and grandmas and grandaddys are for--right?? to help solve these logistical nightmares, and one of my friends reminded me of this when I was sharing with her how upset I have been.
V-man and Elena are now safely arranged into carpools with said friend--Andy will retrieve everyone in the afternoon.
It's gonna be different--but it's not gonna be bad. :)
It will be great!
So, back to how tired I am.
The first week of school kicks the butt.
I have been so used to going to bed later and moseying out of the bed and wandering around the house...that having to get up and rush at heart attack pace--not good.
By three oclock I am absolutely exhausted--not quite sure why--?? but I am and I come home and lay on the couch and just LAY THERE.--the whole Dr. Oz I watch with one eye half open.  Then I get up and I do not cook supper--I say things like--
"Well I think Cocoa Crispies are a great choice--they say they have lots of Vitamin D in them."
or--"I am not sure what you will eat--we have no coffee."--I realize that makes no sense--I told you I was tired.
The audience here is my children who are at Nana camp this week.  That Nana--she has the energy of a kid, I think--On Monday they went to the Library, the Pizza Inn, swimming twice, walking the dogs, they played play-doh, and she bathed them all and when I went to pick the children up--they were walking the dogs again....
How does she do this???
However she does it, it makes me feel great that I do not have to feel guilty--she has done all of the upkeep while I have been at school all day.  I just snuggle them and hug them and read to them, and we watch some TV and off to bed they go...
Now, if only I had some candy..and some Pepsi, ..and hmm...some white powdered donuts...yeah...


Bethany said...

I hear ya! On the exhaustion...reforming the schedule... no more a.m. moseying...the random unrelated kitchen comments and the cereal for dinner. (I'm pretty sure the 1st few weeks of school should always be fortified with cereal.)
Man, that energetic Nana, how can I get that! Baths already done?! I would pay money. I'm so glad to hear that you're positive about your move to Choco... I hope it will be good & I know you will make a positive difference for those kids! XO

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

Hope you the new school is not too bad, I am sure they will LOVE having you there! What kind of tea are you drinking, I need some!!!