Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Just an amateur..

I have just cancelled my adsense acct.  I was just too busy to even think about what was going on with that thing...(which was not much).
Then they sent out a mailer, and I thought--oh, buddy, this is getting cancelled tonight.
We are all too busy to think about a measly -.04% earnings--that's right--according to whatever business model (and I do not know any) my advertising was an abysmal failure...
and guess what...
I don't care! :)
back to the simple ole--say whatever, and don't even maintain hope of earning an easy dime (does that even really happen???)
P.S.--My sister and I hold out hope that some wealthy benefactor (hello Oprah) will come along some day with our lifestyle grant money ready--we are really smart girls you know, we could write up a great proposal!  It would have you laughing and in stitches one minute and crying like a bad day of PMS the next...
Oh, benefactor, where for art thou!!??

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