Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Forget Statements!

Honey!  You are making a SPEECH!
Well, I had all these funny pictures of {statement} jewelry on here saved--but the page will not load properly, so my Load a picture button is not here--
I am tired of this trend too.
Is this making me sound old?
I mean first I officially diss skinny jeans, and now I am picking on those among us to love to make statements
with their accessories.
I think there is a such a thing as either--too big a {statement} and the {wrong} statement--and then there is
too many statements--I mean the statement ring, along with the necklace that looks like you robbed Cleopatra's tomb, and then the earrings too--ummmm....
Who came up with this stuff???
I have been wearing the same necklace since I was 16 just about every day.
Have I been picked on?--well, maybe a couple times...
But, but, but, but--at least it sort of blends... you know? 
And yes, yes, yes, sometimes I do pick another one to wear--and I even have a couple {statement}
pieces myself...but no matter what...they do not exit the jewelry box in teams..you know?
I mean if you have on a gigantic necklace--it's okay for a finger to be nekkid!! for real...it is
If you are wearing a stunning ring---then just leave your neck plain--or wear something plain...
I have a friend who loves to remind me that Coco Chanel said (I think that's who said it) that before one leaves the house, one ought to look in the mirror and simply remove one accessory.  Yep...just that simple!

Ummm... Grant giver...are you reading??? :)

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Bethany said...

Glad to hear the lifestyle grant talks are still on. I firmly believe that Oprah is out looking for people like you! :) Yes on the quote - I have heard that one and it is right on... I like to do either/or. Either big earrings, or a big necklace. But... never what you would a call a statement piece, eek. Like silver collar necklace with engraved initials, salad plate-size pendant?! :)