Saturday, September 1, 2012

Un Mes (Septiembre)

Bueno, this post idea is from Jen of "Jen World" --over there in the sidebar.
I am going to set a goal for the month of September:  I like her the goal for one month.
Months fly by around here, you know!?
My goal is this:
Do not eat processed food snacks in the afternoon.  This means--no cookies, candy bars, chips, snack mixes, crackers--none of it.
Allowed?  Fruit, sliced bread, cheese, hummus, olives--all of which I like very much and usually have readily available.
I have been gaining weight at an astounding rate...AMAZING! i TELLYA!
This is coming from my stress level and the need to load up on carbs when I get home from school and on my way home from school.
I wonder what will happen with the weight I have gained--if I just control this need to eat junk--and lots of it--in the afternoons? hmmm...
No tea is helping this, Morgan! :(.

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