Saturday, September 8, 2012

Breaking it out...

Since it's Saturday, and my kids have 20 more minutes to play in the yard...I am going to break out my old soapbox again...
I know you all have been missing it! :)
Okay..the other night I just happened to be watching TV whent the interview with A.R0mn3y came on.
I just about fell off the couch when she said that her favorite show is....
I am sure you have already heard this...
Modern Family!!!!
That is my favorite show too!! Are you kidding?  We {actually} have something in common!!
BUT {really} people.
Have you ever watched that show?
Ummm..this lady is a Mormon!!??
They do not {agree} with being gay--or however you want to say it.... pick a way-I call it all really dumb---and also religious conviction--I guess a mix of the two.
I happen to not agree with the people who want to judge/call out/pick on etc. gay people.
I also love, love, love that show.
So--back to the couch...
I almost got mad...I mean if anyone was watching that and did not think she seemed like a total idiot/hypocrite, then you must not have been listening to the interview, you must have been daydreaming after a long day of work (which is what I am about to start doing b/c this post is not writing itself to me right now).
So, okay--there are things that I am against ...
ummm..So, I do not watch shows that include those themes.
This is why any commercials, previews etc. about all of those murder shows and violence against women crime shows --they all get muted and turned --I don't like those activities or shows about them.
I am against that stuff.
I do not watch it, I am not entertained by it--it is not allowed in my house, really--even Andy does not watch that stuff.
So she--if she believes in her temple's teachings, does not believe that gay people are okay--
BUT--watching a hilarious show that includes a gay couple who is in a {married-like} relationship--
Well, sh!t--it's her favorite show, folks!
There you go!

Andy later clued me in...of course she would say that--it is most of America's favorite show--so
she wants to fit in....
Well, I still say she needs to check her facts.

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